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Temporary employment

On one hand, pressure to keep the headcount under constant control is as great as ever. On the other, seasonality, project-related variations in labor need, sudden market changes, absenteeism.... all causes that require a relatively flexible labor force. Solution is in temporary employment.

What do we offer?

We take the legal and administrative burden off your back, and enable you to pay for just the right number of working hours your business requires at that specific phase in its development. Specifically:
  • We take over the full legal responsibility for all labor related issues
  • We follow and implement on time all labor related law changes
  • We enable you to efficiently fill all opened positions due to our available database and the stremlined selection process
  • We do full salary administratration on your behalf
As each Client has specific needs, we prefer not to offer a standardized price list. Instead, after the first discussion with you, we prepare an individual custom-made offer to meet your needs.

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