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Having been in charge of the development of a considerable number of sales and logistics teams, ARKA Consulting HR services offers are based on long-term collaboration. Our aim is to work with a small number of partner companies to whom we would be an extended hand for their employees' growth. Our consulting competencies include areas such as: organization structure assessment, motivational tools, compensation structure, on the job coaching, team-roles' assessment.


We offer merchandising services in the following areas:
  1. Consulting
    • Situation analysis
    • Suggestion of solutions
    • Monitoring results
  2. Selection and recruitment of merchandizing teams
  3. Training on several levels


If you are having problems with not enough or too much stock, a lack or excess of transportation vehicles, customs and transportation-related delays, organization of customer support and service centers, warehouse space optimization, definition of streamlined work processes.... we might have a solution to some of your problems.

After 9 years of experience in implementing and developing logistics systems in some of the leading international companies in different industries: such as Procter&Gamble, Schneider Electric, Efes Breweries and Ball Packaging Europe, we can offer a full range of logistics-related consulting:
  • Distribution Centar – set up and organization of processes
  • Freight and customs related cost control projects
  • Forecasting principles
  • KPI measurement and implementation
  • Customer service oursourcing
  • Supply chain streamlining
  • Optimization of inventory related costs
As each Client has specific needs, we prefer not to offer a standardized price list. Instead, after the first discussion with you, we prepare an individual custom-made offer to meet your needs.

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