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Training and development

Our main focus is on training and development programs. We are also a local partner of MALIK Management Zentrum St. Gallen, one of the leading providers of Management consulting and education in Western Europe.

Our approach to training and development is:
  • Integration of on-the-job experience: since our trainers come from a fruitful professional background, each with over 10 years of experience in various multi-national companies across the Balkans, we integrate real examples to back up the theory
  • Custom-made solutions to meet the clients' specific needs: We frequently spend time with the employees for whom the training is planned, to feel their work rhythm and needs. Then we form an offer aimed at covering those needs over a period of time.
  • Interactive workshops and role-plays: our trainings are interactive to a great extent. As this is the most effective way to learn, we invest a lot of energy into finding ways to involve the participants as actively as possible, by playing out their specific work problems and applying on the spot the theory covered.
  • After sales service: our contact with the participants does not have to end after the training. We can stay in touch with participants through several follow-up sessions in order to assist in the process of applying the knowledge in the workplace.
In general, the areas we are able to cover in terms of training are:
As well, in cooperation with foreign partners - MALIK Management Zentrum one of the leading providers of management consulting and education in Western Europe and Bancroft, Management Center Cheshire, we can provide you with the following programs:

As each Client has specific needs, we prefer not to offer a standardized price list. Instead, after the first discussion with you, we prepare an individual custom-made offer to meet your needs.

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